It's not over. I'll have you dead, even if I have to go into the afterlife myself to kill you. ~Aveila to Daria

Admiral Aveila makes her first appearance as a playable character in DeceptionRPG. However, in the literature storylines, she takes role in the first war, as being controlled by a unknown force that causes her father to look for her. In the storyline plot, months later, she confronts Daria, only in attempt to stop her from finding Sage Ellis. She fights for days, but she couldn't seem to defeat her, and with the help of another Sage, she was defeated and then killed by Daria.

Years later after the first war:

After the first war, Admiral Aveila was ressurected by her father, however, she was no longer human due to a certain problem with his ressurection power. When she was ressurect, she became one of the two undead units and was known to being undead. Her stats are shown for End of the world:

Admiral Aveila stats

Damage type: Chaos

Armor: Divine
Undead (Immunity to disease)

Health: 700,000-856,000

Spell immune: ???

Resists some ultimates: ???

Overall, Admiral Aveila has a powerful critical hit, but only 16% of a chance is possible for the move to be executed. She also appears as a playable character in the game, making her one of the apprentice characters. When she dies after her reincarnation before cooldown, she dies, and her spirit fades (Similar to Mother and her Guardian's)
Request daria vs aveilla by zephyros phoenix-d3lkbp8

Artwork of Daria verus Admiral Aveila. Used with permission from Zephyros-Phoenix.