The survivors

Calclic, next to Nataliya along with the other survivors.

"I should of been there when she was about to die, I am to blame for this" ~Calclic to Daria in the Secret document in the WC3 DeceptionRPG game.

Calclic made his first appearance in DeceptionRPG as a character noted and as a cameo in game, and then became playable in End of the World, to defeat Tara and kill Olmar X to avenge the death and murder of Ellis's mother. His powers have ranged far beyond other sages such as:

Temporary invincibility,Spell immunity,Spell resistance,Reincarnation,Permanent petrification,Shattering Thunder,Returning units back to life. However, due to Mother's research notes, she has a little more power and can create artifically colored Wizards, however, neither Mother nor Calclic can gain any benefits from them. Stats in game:


Air unit

Damage type: Chaos

Armor type: Divine armor

Health: 999,999

Damage: 100,000 to 100-002

Spells: Petrification, Reincarnation, Barrier, Shattering Thunder

Spell Immune: Yes

Resists certain spells: Yes

Calclic is one by far one of the most powerful and hardest to ever defeat. In order for any player to defeat him, the player MUST have a unit who has the Book of Mother's and the 5 keys necklace (Or the Dark/One Way Amulet). Units cannot inflict magical damage against him due to the high status he possesses and the ability he has to float in the air. However, This makes him one of the most powerful and agile enemies and the hardest to defeat. To defeat him as Tara, Tara will need to find a 5 keys and have the Book of Mother along with the Priest book for herself. If Calclic dies before his cooldown for his reincarnation is complete, his spirit will fade away.