This page lists those who have been deceased over the timeline and those who have been revived via paying the toll or the price of their life (In some cases, some sages such as John Aveila and Mother have the ability to bypass this toll and if they obtain another of this "Key Item" they can obtain more power and devastating skills)

Tara- The main antagonist of "The Final Rule". She was killed after her defeat by Daria and said her last words.

Karla's grandmother- Killed by Ellis's demons in attempt to flee out of the dark world.

Kurosaka Aveila (Admiral Aveila)- Daughter of John Aveila. Ressurected after the first war and became undead.

Ellis Stromberg- A sage with Mother and Calclic. Was possessed by Tara and later killed by Daria. However, she was ressurected and sent to Tara's dungeon by Karla. Her relation to Tara is that she's is Tara's arch nemesis.

Lord Harris- Killed by one of Ellis's demons in DeceptionRPG. Later ressurected by Ellis to help bring a end to Tara's reign.

Zerus Maestas- Throughout the planned plotline, he is engraved on a sign in Tara's castle but his burial mound is somewhere else. The legendary blade Scargate lies in his grave. He was killed by Jarek with a invisibility strike.

Jarek Zimmerli- Traitor of John Mei Aveila. Fought Admiral Aveila and Daria. Defeated by Admiral Aveila and killed by Daria thanks to Mother's true sight ability.

Selia Stromberg- Ellis's guardian. Was critically wounded by a demon from behind and ressurected by Tara to prevent the protagonist Daria from reaching her. However in the end, Dartusha and Jake defeated and killed her.

Olmar ChandraX- Assassin enraged and wanted revenge against Ellis's mother for not being allowed to have Ellis as his daughter. He shot and killed her ending her life and adding a reward for his death. He was shattered and killed by Daria and Calclic.

Rilak Ciganetti - Calclic's guardian. His name is known as Rilak. Died of disease and severe illness. After Calclic heard these words about his death, he said "May only one, be the best to rest in peace"

Melia Stromberg- Mother of Ellis and the sisters. She was murdered during the first war by Olmar X.

Reiya- Woman who joined forces in Konquestors Domination with Daria's father to bring a end to the antagonist's rule. Her death caused Zerus to leave his daughters to find the killer.

Warlock of Domination- Konqueror who wanted to kill the legendary Zerus XIV and be the champion in his place. He was killed by his Invitation to Conceavement ability.

Reika- Sorceror who also joined Reiya and Zerus XIV to kill the warlock of domination. She succumbed to illness and died.

Mikisa Marais- Killed by the Convictor in konquestors.

Nalhat Bisson- Died of disease after Konquestors

Darca Wellington- Fought and defeated by Mother and Calclic.

Many others died in the war with Ellis and Tara's demons and some died by illnesses. Kairne has helped other recovered from a devastating disease and she is the only hero to survive deceasement

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