Daragan is known as Sage Calclic's guardian pet. Daragan is known to be one of the most powerful pets that Sage Calclic adopted. Daragan is loyal to Sage Calclic, and protects both Sage Calclic and Mother during their trips around. However, by the end of the Konquestors war, he shortly died of terminal illness leaving only Sage Calclic and Sage Mother without a guardian animal. However, his fate was shortly discovered by Liri and Dana (who went missing after Tara's battle) and was found resurrected by a unknown force in Macala emissary, thus turning him undead, and making him no longer loyal to the Sages. After Liri and Dana relayed a message to the military soldiers of Nataliya's, a investigation began to find clues about his resurrection. But in the end, the four face close in hand defeat, only to be later saved by Sage Mother who later defeated him, and in which is killed for good by Jenissa.

Name: Daragan

Alignment: Good

Allies: Sage Calclic and Mother

Enemies: Unknown

Status: Deceased

Age: Unknown

Bio: A guardian animal that protects both Sage Mother and Calclic, Daragan blindly and loyally follows the two without any consequence on his part, even if it means the cost of his life.

Place of birth: Halivan Kingdom