In the name of my father, I will take revenge against you.

~Daria to Jarek.

Daria is one of the daughters of the legendary hero Zerus and Sage Mother. She also appears in DeceptionRPG and End of the World as the main protagonist of the two. Years after her father left her and her sister Jaina, she left out and went to look for him. Seeking the training from a powerful trainer, she went out alone and met two other Sages. Several days later after her training, Daria and the two other Sages followed into the footsteps of the possessed Admiral
Request daria vs aveilla by zephyros phoenix-d3lkbp8

Artwork of Daria verus Admiral Aveila. Used with permission from Zephyros-Phoenix. Link to the work:

. The two fought at hard strength and Daria emerged victorious over her before killing her. Forward on, when the sages and Daria were closer into the dark depths of the dark fortress, the two Sages left and Daria found Mother and John against another Sage. Mother and John fought the possessed sage, however, the orb that controlled her was not broken by John and thus, Mother and John defeated the possessed sage. In a vow of hatred against her, Daria killed the sage. Unfortunately, she has not ever found the wherabout of her father or sister that have also left.

Role in End of the World:

It's over Tara. This role is over for you. ~Daria after killing Tara.

Daria's role in End of The world puts her in as the most powerful piece of the heroes, however, she cannot attack those into the air without a orb of darkness unlike her trainer Dartusha. The stats she has is that preceding over everyone, but she is not immune to petrification or spell countering effects. Her most powerful skill, Holly Tempest, can be activated to destroy anything in it's path and render Daria invulnerable to magical effects such as petrification for a short duration. If Daria dies before her reincarnation, her body will fade away instead of dissapate into the sky. Her model file is based off of the Captain in the WC3 game.
The survivors

Daria, as seen to the left of Mother.