~There is nothing I not know of for Tara, but my only concern is keeping my world safe for everybody

Dartusha in her battle with Tara's hardest minion.

Dartusha is a playable character
The survivors

Dartusha, as seen cloaked below Sage Ellis in pink.

Dartusha vs zero for south2 by zironix-d4xdyv3

Concept art of Dartusha's battle skills. Made by Zironix used with permission.

and one of the most deadliest characters in the game "End of the World". She can equip two broadswords to increase her power to the maximum extent and two shadow blades to add the most deadliest element to it. Dartusha is also the Husband of Jake, who is also a playable character in the war with Tara and her minions. Her relationship with others goes as follows:


~There is nothing I not know of her, what I know is that she is your mother, and you should take care for her.

Her relationship with Daria brings the most debt and she gives the best encouragement to continue the fight with Tara and her minions. She recognizes Daria's skill and her true intentions, She really wants to live with peace and divine justice for those who would do harm to her race and her family. Dartusha's training caused Daria to be one of the 2nd formiddable opponents to face on the battle field along with Dartusha herself.


~There is nothing I not know of for Tara, but my only concern is keeping my world safe for everybody

Dartusha's relationship is a hateful relation between her and the one who would threaten her friends. She does not really like Tara and she does not support the ideas to the traitorous and those who would break the laws of the universe (such as attempting to leave the universe or transmutating beings into demons which would take a toll on the persons life). She does not pity Tara for one bit of a reaon because she hates her for the death of Daria's father (Her first husband before Jake).


~You shouldn't try to do that to yourself, it could kill you.

Dartusha's care for Jake is like husband and wife. What Jake does, Dartusha watches and wants him to beware of what he does because if he dies like her former husband, there would be no way for her to ressurect him back to life unless she is to pay the toll of her life in exchange. But a new item that can be found would allow her to bypass the toll (Like Tara was able to) if he was to be deceased. (To see the list of deceased people, see the deceased category)