- Tara I'll bring you down whether if it means my life or not!

-Ellis wanting exact revenge after being revived by Lexia

Ellis, is a non playable character and the formerly main antagonist of DeceptionRPG. In the final version of the game, she can be seen with her two sisters fighting the actual antagonist, Tara who possessed her body into killing many others including Daria's family and corrupting Daria's mother. However, Ellis is not responsible for the actions of these. She was later killed by Daria for exact revenge against her crime against Mother.

However, if the player successfully activates all 6 switches and the final switch hidden in the dungeon of Darasin, the player will face a few combat battles. If the player is successful into defeating them, Ellis becomes playable. She also contains the most strongest magic ever released in the game.

However, in the final release of the game, Ellis fights against Tara and is ultimately wounded from the attacks. In the ending of the final release, Karla attempts to restore her life before she dies, and Karla becomes successful.
Oc ellis by south2-d3jddvu

Ellis how she looks in the final game