End of the World, also short as EOTW, is a special project which is a alternative of DeceptionRPG with special interactive secrets to the world of Darasin after the killing of Ellis, the Darasin war, and the ressurection of Lord Harris. The following characters have become playable and some are retained throughout the series:

John Aveila: The father of Admiral Aveila, he did not get a big role into DeceptionRPG but became an accomplice of Mother after the destructive earthquake hit the castle. He ressurected Admiral Aveila after her death.

Mother: The main protagonist of the game, she left after a very serious matter of peace and went to a unknown realm using her special powers from her book along with her daughter. When she discovered a presense about Ellis's ressurection or her corruption, she sets off and returns to find out the actual truth of the corruption.

Lord Harris: The king of Loradin city. He was killed by Ellis after a long battle with her. He was ressurected by John Aveila and went into hiding before Tara could ressurect him and have him serve her forever.

Daria: The one person who assassinated Ellis. Ellis went into the earthquake along with many other and Daria went in to investigate matters and to see if Ellis would again ressurect to be enslaved. She is the final legendary hero to defeat Tara at the end of the game and kill her for good. She then marries the technician who repairs everything, Jacob.

The non playables and the ones who have attended:

Karla: Karla also appears as a cameo and accomplice of the heros and although her powers are insufficent, she fought Tara's minions while Tara escapes into the depth's of hell only to be protected by Ellis's former guardian, Seras.

Karalyn and Lexia: The two sisters of Ellis who have fled fighting Tara and have ran away to avoid being killed and enslaved along with Ellis. They also assist on taking many battles while Karalyn turns many of Tara's slaves into Karalyn's minions and Lexia making a demonic wall block to fend off most of the enemies.

Tara: The main antagonist and the assassin of Ellis. She used Ellis to kill many innocents and murder the person who gave the execution key to Daria, Lord Harris. However, she was enraged that she was unable to ressurect Lord Harris because someone else had ressurected him and fled to the Sun and Moon switch room before Tara would be able to ressurect him. She was later then defeated by Daria and assassinated while Ellis fought her former guardian in a sad mood, Seras. Tara's assassination brought to a agreement if Tara was permanently murdered for good, Ellis would ressurect everyone with the assistance of John Aveila and Mother into bringing peace to Daria's race.