The survivors

Mother, with her general friends.

Evelyn Dunbar (Also known as Sage Mother), is the mother of Daria Maestas and Jaina and the former wife of Sage John Aveila. She becomes playable when Karla and Kairne are in the party. Once Kairne takes hold of her place on her throne in her hideout, she will join the party. She is the first character who automatically imbues the "Legendary Mighty G" ability once obtained.She also is imbued as a divine being as her stats were imbued with corruption and had a dark corrupted appearance. She is never seen wearing a helmet or any special secret accessory except the final war necklace seen in game.Her powers are far too beyond for anyone but Calclic to handle as she can: Teleport a distance to her will, create two portals at the same time,instantly kill any hero (WC3 end of the world only), use a projectile to permanently stun any unit until it dies. Her true story beyond the past set the events when Zerus XIV had left Mother after raising and giving birth to two children, Daria and Jaina. This event has also caused her to become undead, as seen in the picture above with the survivors. Her powers have been getting stronger due to her ressurection by her guardian. Due to this she has access to the following against Tara: True sight (Can see invisible units),Spell Immunity, Spell resistance, Demon spawning, Cloning, Reincarnation, and a special curse without her books. In her research notes, Mother has exclusive access to: Paralyzing Bolt, Just one, Arson/Ice Portal,Dark Teleport, and ???. At the end after Daria kills Tara, she fights against Dark Karalyn and Dark Admiral Aveila
C surrounded by oceanleviathan-d5pqfon

Watermarked concept art of Mother. Used with permission.

with her guardian,Ellis, and Daria.
Wizzrobe vs mother by liquid10-d5b1kij

Planned artwork concept of Mother with Broadsword. Made by CDefender-Robokid and used with permission.

Bio card:

Name: Sage Mother (Evelyn Dunbar)

Age: 1,665,003 years old

Alignment: Good

Allies: Sages, Daria, Jaina, and her guardians

Enemies: Tara and allies.

Status: Alive

Place of birth: Lyneria Kingdom

Special traits: Spell immunity, curse resistance, reincarnation.