~ This story isn't over, but this war will be over sooner of later. Fight on Daria.

Nataliya made her first appearance (Disguised) during the first war as a non playable character and later became playable in WC3 with her own spells and spells from others. The spells that can be used by her that aren't in her book:

Shadow strike- Nataliya throws a dagger which deals damage and slows movement. This move was taken from Mother.

Cold Frost- Nataliya fires a powerful blast of ice that permanent slows the enemy and deals damage. This move is borrowed from Zerus
The survivors

Nataliya, to the right of Calclic. She wears blue, while Karla wears green.

's Minions. This ability costs Nataliya all her mana unless she has anything that increases her mana equipped.

Seperate- Nataliya seperates into four elements and uses her skills to fight. One must survive for Nataliya to live.

This move is similar to Karla's tree split.

Phase Shift- Nataliya shifts and conceals herself for a short period of time. This move was borrowed from Karla.

Burning meteors- Nataliya summons meteors that damage all enemies in contact and causes permanent burning damage over time.

Crippling Curse- Nataliya cripples out a enemy unit, dealing negative damage and reducing stats to a high extent. This ability also takes adoption to Kairne's ring in the game.


Military Spawn- Nataliya creates a portal that spawns military troops to fight the enemy. Use of this ability requires Tara to be defeated twice and can cap your food to a negative number. This move is taken from Tara.