The Sages (Who are beings of the Goddess Maria, and are followers of her) are those raised and enlisted by Goddess Maria to help protect the land. Currently there are 6 sages that follow her orders, and do them. It is unknown where Goddess Maria is, and if she will continue to run the sages. The Sages are:

Sage Mother- The most powerful Sage known into the land. Dying at a early age, Sage Mother's power and apprenticeship has grown far beyond close to Goddess Maria's and due to this, Sage Mother is very powerful as being able to cause curses, reincarnate, summon, and combine all elemental powers to deal devastating damage to her enemies. Can reincarnate: Yes

Sage Calclic- Another powerful sage loyal to Goddess Maria. Required by Goddess Maria, he loyally must follow her words and protect Sage Mother due to her death at a very young age. Smart and with a great will, he has two other guardians who followed him while Sage Mother was little, Daragan and Rilak. Can reincarnate: Yes

Sage Ellis- A self proclamant sorceror, Sage Ellis is a summoner and has came from a home where her mother and guardian protected both her and her sisters. But on the day that her mother was murdered, Sage Ellis and her sisters went into hiding and found help from the Goddess, hoping that they can one day bring down the assassin. Can reincarnate: No

Sage Karalyn- Another Sage and more of a pragmatic sister of Sage Ellis, Karalyn is a offensive wielding sister and powerful sorceror who can generate a powerful aura that can significantly reduce down damage to a brink. She is more powerful, but slower in attacks, due to the fact that her fireball can stun longer than Sage Ellis, rendering immune to curses and magic. Can reincarnate: Yes

Sage Lexia- A entitled and respectful woman, Sage Lexia is a demonic sister in the dark arts and can see those invisble at will. Her summon power and frost power can become lethal within a set range of speed and power based on how she uses it. Can reincarnate: No

Sage Aveila- The former king of Highwind City, he became a Sage in hopes that he can allow his people to seek a better destiny and shape the world himself in the name of the Goddess who shaped the land and gave him hope for him and his daughter. Can reincarnate: No

Sage Kairne- The Mother of Evelyn Dunbar, she has a sense of holy power and a power of manipulating her blade at will. Her weapon can deal twice as much damage to the undead and she can heal to a high extent due to the holy gift given to her. Realizing this gift to her, she follows and does anything for Goddess Maria, even if it has to cost her her own life in doing it. Can reincarnate: Yes (120 secons)