- My only hatred for the sages is because I never became one in a soul of fullbound hatred

Tara's last words before her death in the hands of Daria to Ellis.

Tara Wellington is the main antagonist who is a non playable character in the game "The final Battle" and fights Ellis,Mother,Daria, and John Aveila in the final battle with Tara while Dartusha and Jake fight Ellis's guardian. Tara is also the one who has special forbidden powers and is also a spirit of hatred and when she was killed by Daria, she became nothing and her body was decomposed into the air.Karalyn and Lexia were still fighting off her army. Everyone joined in to finish the last of the fight including Karla who later recovered Ellis before Ellis could die.

In the WC3 version of the final battle, she is a playable character in the game.

In Sage's Lament, she appears somehow resurrected in the first tower on the 7th floor as one of the playable characters. Tara is known to be one of the most deadliest characters once met in the game. Zerus and Tara agree upon resurrection from Liri and Dana

Tara's young appearance.

. With her unholy like power, she can perform some of the strongest

magic at certain expenses. She comes equipped with the following accessories:

Weapon: Sidalapis (A blade that can cause death when used) (FIXED)

Armor: Nightmare Plate ( A plate that can reflect magic automatically)

Accessory: Nightmare Queen (A crown that resists most status ailments)

After certain conditions are met, Tara and her sisters can be seen at Thayde kingdom. Liri and Dana can enjoy their time returning back home to Candra. If the player speaks to Tara, Tara apologizes to Sage Ellis for causing serious misfortune and despair, and under demand of the sages, she is required to abolish the death penalty in Candra Kingdom.

If the player does not deliver Nalhat's letter to Dartusha so she can give it to Zerus, Tara will be there, but Zerus will not.

If the letter is used, Tara will appear, but Zerus will be gone for good, and Tara will be upstairs talking to Sage Kairne and Sage Mother about him. The theme that plays at the birthday party is Zelda's theme, while at the upstairs party is the Piano version of Forest of hope.