This is for my guardians, This is for Lyneria! ~Zerus to the overlord during the Konquestors war.

Zerus first appeared in Konquestors Domination as the main protagonist of the game in a battle between the demons and the heroes of Lyneria. He is ultimately one of the exceptional character who have a average ultimate ability to damage enemies around him, much similar to the one he protects in his life. As the protagonist, he take serious matters with Reiya, and he is not a real good person when something bad happens to her. One day, once he went to visit Reiya, she was killed by demons. Zerus fought the demons, and killed the demons that were there. The only remanents that were left after Reiya's soul disappeared were her dark cape. He took this cape, and went out alone to find her killer. Later during the events of the first war, he never returned back. Feeling depressed and having to go alone in the bitter darkness due to the power Tara gave him to reincarnate, he managed to live out while he went looking for the killer of Reiya's. The cape of Reiya's allowed him to resist and help him get through the darkness that came out. After hearing news that Daria and Jaina were gone, he took action to find the two. He was unable to find the two nor the killer. When the war ended, he continued looking for the killer, but in the actual end Daria killed Reiya's murderer who planned her death.

~If my life ends here, then so be it then for yourself. ~Zerus's last message after death

Zerus makes a appearance in End of the World as a superboss much more powerful and difficult to defeat, and he is unlockable. The table below provides the chances of what gets dropped:

Item Chance
Watcher Ward 34
Unlocked character 32
Reiya's cape 34

In the game, he can only be unlocked. In the literature storylines, he is one of the deceased characters.

In Sage's Lament, Zerus makes a temporary playable appearance in the First tower of Macala's that protects the Emissary within only twelve floors. By the time Daria and Sage Kairne appear onto floor seven, they see Zerus and Tara resurrected somehow. Zerus and Tara order the party to leave the emissary tower and then begin to infilitrate and destroy the emissary that almost destroyed Candra Kingdom and Lyneria. The two infilitrate to destroy the tower so Daria and the others can proceed to the next tower. Once the mission is complete, Zerus and Tara combine their power to destroy the barrier to the second tower, allowing it to open and giving Daria access to enter it. They then leave to enter Thayde kingdom, and they are not seen again until Sage Ellis's birthday arrives. The table below provides the key elements needed for Thayde Kingdom's gates to open:

Conditions to meet for Variable to change Total game days passed
Beat General Jake:  24 hours 1
Enter Emissary tower A: 48 hours 2
Open Candra Kingdom: 72 Hours 3
Destroy all towers: 96 Hours 4
Meet Trainer Dartusha: 120 Hours 5
Destroy Dark Zerus: 144 Hours 6
Talk to Nataliya at the front of the gate: 168 Hours 7